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Many people find it hard to remember things they’ve read or learned while other, sometimes useless, information sticks with them. Georgina and Rob talk about memory, as they teach you related vocabulary.

This week’s question :
Chinese student, Chao Lu, has a record-breaking memory. In 2005, she recited the numbers of pi, the mathematical equation describing the proportions of a circle – but how many digits did she manage to remember?
a) 48,000
b) 68,000
c) 88,000
Watch the video to find out the answer.

photographic memory
the ability to remember things in exact detail, like looking at a photograph

the odds of
the chances or probability that something will happen

a one-off
something that only happens once

suck at (something)
be bad at (doing) something (US)

learn something exactly so that you can repeat it later

deep learning
a complete way of learning something that means you fully understand it and will not forget it

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