Improve your English vocabulary and listening in just six minutes!
New bits of English are invented as people use the language in new ways, but what happens when a language comes from an entirely different galaxy – somewhere like Qo’noS*, home planet of the Klingons? Neil and Sam discuss how languages develop and teach some related vocabulary.

This week’s question:
In 2010, Klingon became the first invented language to do what?
a) have its own dictionary
b) have an opera written
c) be recognised as an official language by the United Nations
Watch the video to find out the answer.

living language
a language that people still speak and use in their ordinary lives

my bad
used instead of ‘my fault’ to admit that you have made a mistake (informal, US)

patron saint
someone who is believed to give special help and protection to a particular activity

constructed language; artificially invented language, such as Esperanto and Klingon

root (of a language)
origin or source

get stuck on (something)
be unable to continue or complete what you’re doing because it’s too difficult

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