Part of a discarded rocket most likely impacted on the far side of the Moon on Friday. It isn’t clear at this time who the rocket belonged to. The effects of the impact on the Moon should have been minor.
Rob and Rob discuss this news story and teach you some related vocabulary so you can talk about it too.

Video chapters:
0:00 – Introduction
0:40 – Story
1:50 – Headline 1: A rogue 3-ton piece rocket debris just collided with the moon
4:50 – Headline 2: Three tons of space junk heads to the moon on a 5,800-mph collision course
7:20 – Headline 3: Old, nearly 4-ton rocket crashes into moon, astronomers calculate
9:32 – Language summary

describes something that behaves abnormally, often in a way that causes damage
• The rogue company were selling their products on the black market.
• The secret agent went rogue and defected to the enemy.
collision course
on a path which will result in impact
• The pilot was unaware they were on a collision course with another plane.
• After her comments in the meeting, she was on a collision course with her manager.
come to a conclusion
• The accountants calculated that they needed to save £400,000 in order to avoid bankruptcy.
• I can’t calculate all of the possible outcomes.

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