If you like a good murder mystery, you probably read a book by the British writer Agatha Christie at some point. Her books are read all over the world and have been translated into a 103 languages. Neil and Sam talk about one of her most famous characters and teach you related vocabulary.

This week’s question
Poirot may be Agatha Christie’s most famous detective, but he isn’t her only one – so who is Agatha Christie’s other fictional detective?
a) Hetty Wainthropp
b) Jessica Fletcher
c) Miss Marple
Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

story about a murder which does not tell you who the murderer is until the end

a grinding halt
something which gradually slows down until it stops altogether

revealing hidden information which allow a secret to be uncovered

proof that you were somewhere else when a crime was committed

confused because something is difficult to understand or solve

unusual habit or characteristic which is considered strange or foolish, but which does not harm anyone

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