Improve your English vocabulary and listening in just six minutes! In this programme. We discuss the topic and teach you vocabulary. Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Which one you are may be linked more to your birthplace and age than attitude. Neil and Sam talk about optimists and pessimists.

This week’s question
What proportion of the British population, do you think, describe themselves as optimistic? Is it:
a) 20 percent?
b) 50 percent?
c) 80 percent?

Watch the programme to find out the answer.

glass-half-full person
someone with an optimistic attitude who tends to focus on the positive side of life

Debbie Downer
(US slang) someone who makes others feel bad by focussing on the bad or depressing side of things

to make something seem better than it really is

(prefix) having too much of a quality eg. hyperactive, hypersensitive

rock bottom
lowest possible level

grumpy old man
describes someone who complains a lot, is moody and intolerant, and gets easily annoyed

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