Virtual reality – also known as VR – allows you to put on a headset and escape into a completely different world. In this programme, we’ll be hearing about some of the ways VR is helping people overcome phobias and even tackling serious problems like domestic violence. Rob and Sam discuss the topic and teach you related English vocabulary along the way.

This week’s question:
One of the phobias VR can help with is the fear of heights – but what is the proper name for this psychological disorder?
a) alektorophobia
b) arachnophobia
c) acrophobia
Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

strong and irrational fear of something; a type of anxiety disorder

pretend copy of something that looks real but is not real

the usual, typical way something works

drop your defences
relax and trust people by lowering the psychological barriers you have built up to protect yourself

from the perspective of someone who actually experiences an event in person

completely new and original; not like anything that has been experienced before
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