New cases of Monkeypox virus are being discovered in the UK every day.

Outbreaks of the virus, which is most common in remote parts of Central and West Africa, have now been outbreaks in at least 15 countries around the world. Global health authorities are meeting to discuss the situation.

Neil and Roy look at the vocabulary used in the headlines about this story.

Video chapters:
0:00 – Introduction
0:28 – Story
1:32 – Headline 1: UK to announce more monkeypox cases as efforts ramp up to contain outbreak
3:55 – Headline 2: Monkeypox news – live: WHO says world faces ‘formidable’ challenges from virus as cases near 100
6:10 – Headline 3: POX SPREADS: Monkeypox outbreak explodes across Europe as cases in Spain and Italy traced to island festival with 80,000 revellers
7:45 – Language summary

Key words and phrases:

ramp up
increase level of something dramatically

  • The company decided to ramp up production of the new phone after high demand.
  • After being told his work wasn’t good enough, Clive decided to ramp up his efforts.

describes something that causes fear because it is difficult

  • Marcela faced formidable challenges to get her project funded after the financial crash.
  • The politician was forced to resign after her formidable opponent accused her of lying.

increases rapidly

  • The number of people working from home exploded during the pandemic.
  • Sales exploded after the celebrity was seen using the new phone.

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