Pacific islands like Tonga and Tahiti look like paradise! They have tropical rainforests, white, sandy beaches and beautiful blue sea. But in reality, life is far from perfect for these island communities. Rob and Sam discuss some of the many problems Pacific islanders face, whilst teaching you the vocabulary you need to discuss this topic!

This week’s question:
What percentage of the world’s population lives on an island?

a) 11 percent
b) 15 percent
c) 20 percent

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

large wave caused by an earthquake that flows inland causing death and destruction

skilfully handmade traditional objects like jewellery, textiles and pottery

unprotected, weak, open to harm

food security
the ability of a country to produce or obtain enough food to feed its population

causing a strong feeling of sadness

get back on your feet
be okay again after having problems or difficulties in life

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