Heatwaves are pushing temperatures to their highest levels ever recorded. It’s
reached over 40 degrees in parts of Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle
East. Wildfires have been burning out of control.

Experts say heatwaves like this have become more frequent because of climate
change caused by humans.

Video chapters:
0:00 – Introduction
0:21 – Story
1:06 – Headline 1: Earth Observatory, NASA: Heatwaves and Fires Scorch Europe, Africa, and Asia
3:03 – Headline 2: Standard: Hottest UK day ever predicted as London bakes in heatwave
4:46 – Headline 3: The Financial Times: ‘Climate change shoved in our face’ — Europe wrestles with heatwave and forest fires
6:17 – Language summary

Key words and phrases


damage with heat

• The heatwave scorched the grass.

• I scorched my shirt with an iron.


heats to an uncomfortable level

• Train passengers baked in the heat.

• It’s baking outside. Stay in the shade.


struggles with a difficult situation

• We are wrestling with climate change.
• He wrestled with his decision to quit university.

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