No more ‘coffee girl’! Many women are tired of being given unimportant tasks as they see their male colleagues go up the corporate career ladder. Hear about the women questioning the kinds of jobs expected from them. Sam and Neil talk about gender and the workplace and teach you related vocabulary along the way.

This week’s question
Who was the first woman to become British Prime Minister?
a) Theresa May
b) Nicola Sturgeon
c) Margaret Thatcher
Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

moving someone up into a higher, more important or better paid position in a company or organisation

glass ceiling
an invisible barrier to advancing in your career

non-promotable tasks
unimportant and time-consuming jobs which helps a worker’s organisation but do nothing to advance their career

exhaustion caused by working too hard

doing more than one thing at the same time

trying to manage your job or life when you are involved in several different activities which all demand your time
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