Floods caused by record monsoon rains in Pakistan have killed over a thousand people and affected over 33 million others.

It’s thought the cost of dealing with the crisis will reach over 10 billion dollars. One of Pakistan’s regional governments has called the disaster a “climate change catastrophe”.

Key words and phrases

on steroids
a more extreme version

  • This video game is like the old version on steroids.
  • Smartphones are like mobile phones on steroids.

suddenly filled with water; have too much work to do

*The land became swamped after the storms.
*The students were swamped with work before their exams.

typical signs of something

  • The crime had all the hallmarks of the mafia.
  • Flooding is one of the hallmarks of climate change.
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0:00 – Introduction
0:21 – Story
1:12 – Headline 1: CNN: Pakistan floods caused by ‘monsoon on steroids,’ says UN chief in urgent appeal
3:30 – Headline 2: The Times of Israel: A third of Pakistan is underwater as tens of millions swamped by deadly floods
5:22 – Headline 3: The Economic Times: Explained: Why Pakistan’s fatal flooding has hallmarks of warming
6:55 – Language summary

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