The story:
Staying up late into the night. For some people, it’s just the way they prefer to live. But it could be affecting their health. New research from the US found that ‘night owls’ may be more likely to develop heart disease and diabetes. It’s because people who get up early burn fat for energy more easily.

Key words and phrases
night owls
people who like being active at night, and go to bed late

  • I was a night owl at university. I always wrote my essays after midnight.
  • She’s a night owl, which is why she’s often grumpy in the morning.

lasting for a long time

  • After the accident, he suffered from chronic pain.
  • There’s a chronic shortage of doctors. People have to wait months for treatment.

prone to
likely to do or be affected by something bad

  • She has weak legs and is prone to injury.
  • I don’t believe him. He’s prone to lying.

0:00 – Introduction
0:26 – Story
1:13 – Headline 1: SKY NEWS – Early bird or night owl? How your sleep cycle puts you at risk of heart disease and diabetes
2:55 – Headline 2: CNN – Night owls at high risk of certain chronic diseases, study says
4:55 – Headline 3: GUARDIAN – Night owls may be more prone to heart disease and diabetes, study finds
6:22 – Language summary

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