The story :
Ultra-processed food affects people’s mental abilities.
That’s according to a new study in Australia which found older people were affected negatively by things like fast food and fizzy drinks.
Meanwhile, research in the UK found almost 75% of calories in school lunches come from ultra-processed food.
Health experts have called for there to be a limit on this type of food for schoolchildren.

Key words and phrases:


  • extremely
    • She’s ultra-serious about becoming a famous singer.
    • He’s ultra-sensitive. Any criticism will make him cry.


  • limit
    • They put a cap on the number of people who can apply.
    • There’s a cap on spending this year.

escape the cycle

  • get away from a situation which keeps getting worse
    • They escaped the cycle of poverty through education.
    • It’s hard to escape the cycle of drug addiction.

0:00 – Introduction
0:23 – Story
1:17 – Headline 1: New Telegraph – Study Ties Ultraprocessed Foods To Poor Cognitive Function
3:20 – Headline 2: The Times – Junk food cap demanded for school lunches
4:40 – Headline 3: The House – Escaping the Junk Food cycle: is it possible?
6:15 – Language summary

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