‘Countries must re-prioritise climate change or the world faces catastrophe.’
That’s what the head of the UN has said ahead of COP27, the climate conference being held in Egypt this month.
Scientists say government failures to meet carbon targets will lead to a rise of more than 1.5°C.
Only radically changing society will save us from climate disaster, they say.

Key words and phrases:
an important event that could cause big changes
Women being given the right to vote was a landmark event.
The Moon landing was a landmark event for space exploration.

activities that make people think an organisation is more environmentally friendly than it really is.
This company says it uses natural ingredients, but it’s just greenwashing.
These new environmental standards are just for the headlines – they are corporate greenwashing.

warning shots
signals that show action is needed
The strikes are a warning shot to the company to improve conditions.
The politician fired her secretary as a warning shot to others.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:26 – Story
1:21 – Headline 1: Euronews: What is COP27? Everything you need to know about Egypt’s landmark climate conference
3:15 – Headline 2: The Guardian: Greta Thunberg to skip ‘greenwashing’ Cop27 climate summit in Egypt
5:40 – Headline 3: Inside Climate News: Ahead of COP27, New Climate Reports are Warning Shots to a World Off Course
7:05 – Language summary

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