The story

People in the world’s poorest countries suffer the devastating effects of climate change more than anyone else.
Now, rich nations have agreed to pay into a fund to help countries damaged by the industrial activity of the developed world.
The UN’s climate chief says this ‘will benefit the most vulnerable around the world.’
Some are calling the deal a ‘historic victory’, but others worry it is not enough.

Key words and phrases

• My dad says he won’t buy me a birthday present, but it’s an empty threat. I know he will.
• I hoped she would arrive on time but it was another empty promise.

something that causes a significant change
• Smartphones are a game-changer. The way we do things is completely different now.
• This high-speed train could be a game-changer for international travel.

hot air
it sounds impressive but it’s nonsense
• The PM said she would lower taxes but it’s just hot air.
• The conspiracy theory has been dismissed as hot air.

0:00 – Introduction
0:24 – Story
1:16 – Headline 1: The Conversation: COP27’s ‘loss and damage’ fund for developing countries could be a breakthrough – or another empty climate promise
3:00 – Headline 2: RTE: EU proposal the game-changer at COP27
4:26 – Headline 3: The Telegraph: Cop27 was a lot of hot air – again
5:55 – Language summary
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