Social media encourages us to give our opinion on a subject without always listening in return. Does this mean the art of conversation is being lost? Sam and Neil discuss the topic and teach you related vocabulary along the way.

This week’s question
In 2012, a competition in Latvia broke the world record for the longest telephone conversation. How long did this record-breaking conversation last?
a) 24 hours and 4 minutes?
b) 54 hours and 4 minutes?
c) 84 hours and 4 minutes?
Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

a long and pleasant conversation between friends

improved by having something else added to it

survival instinct
the human instinct to do something in a dangerous situation to stay alive

build bridges
improve relationships between people who are very different or do not like each other

talk about other people’s lives that is usually unkind, disapproving, or untrue

talk over (someone)
silence or drown out someone by talking more loudly, forcefully, and persistently than them
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