Predicting the future is not easy but that’s exactly the job of opinion pollsters – researchers who ask people questions to discover what they think about certain topics. Neil and Sam look at the inventor the opinion poll and discuss if they always give the right results, and they teach you some related vocabulary as well.

This week’s question:
Few pollsters predicted that Britain would vote to leave the European Union in the 2016 Brexit referendum which, in the end, it did. But what was the final split between those who voted to leave and those who wanted to remain? Was it:

a) 51 leave to 49 remain?

b) 52 leave to 48 remain?

c) 52 remain to 48 leave?

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

opinion pollster
people who conduct polls which ask members of the public their opinion on particular subjects, especially ones concerning politics

something that does not work in the way it was intended to

figure (something) out
finally understand something, or find the solution to a problem, after thinking hard about it

blank cheque
unlimited money and freedom to complete a task

very accurate and focused, like the beam of a laser

obvious; easy to see; harsh; without decoration
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