Printers have come a long way since the printing press was first invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1436 in Germany. 3D printers – printers which can build solid, three-dimensional objects out of a variety of materials – are today providing solutions to many problems. Sam and Neil look at the role 3D printers are playing in medicine, and they teach you some related vocabulary as well.

This week’s question
What was the oldest known text to be printed using hand-carved wooden blocks pressed into ink? Was it:
a) a religious teaching?
b) a cooking recipe? or,
c) a love letter?
Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

mucking about with (something)
(informal) spending time playing with something carelessly, not for a serious purpose

model of a product that can be tested, improved, and used to develop a better product

Hold on a minute!
phrase used to express surprise or disbelief

man-made artificial body part such as an arm, leg, foot or eye, used to replace a missing natural part

custom-made / bespoke
specially made to meet the requirements of a particular person

taking a lot of time to do
You can download audio and text here:

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