According to the UN, one third of the food we grow ends up in the rubbish bin. In this programme, we’ll meet the people trying to stop us from throwing good food away – including a farmer and a green designer. And, of course, Neil and Sam will teach you some new vocabulary as well.

This week’s question
Which of the following foods can be grown in Britain throughout the year? Is it:
a) strawberries?
b) kale? or,
c) rhubarb?
Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

use-by date
date until which food may be safely eaten, usually printed on the food

eat local, eat seasonal
slogan used to encourage people to buy and eat fresh food which has been grown in their local area during the current season

business people who buy produce directly from producers, and make money by selling it on to shops or customers

receiving a payment which is directly related to the amount sold

worst-case scenario
the worst, most serious and unpleasant thing that could possibly happen in a situation

blanket (+ verb)
(adverb) applied in the same uniform way to everything, even when there are differences between those things
You can download audio and text here:

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