BBC Learning English has produced a short course called Learning Circles for UK learners of English who have little or no English. The target audience is Bangla, Urdu and Somali speakers. The materials are all in English so anyone can use the content.

Unit 1 focuses on the some of the language you might use when meeting a parent at a school, There are three videos. In the first video, Samina meets another mother at the school gates, but something goes wrong. In the second video, the conversation is more successful. The third video presents the key vocabulary for the unit.

Learning Circles has been designed as a free resource for anyone to use in the local community to help others learn English.

Learning Circles is part of a broader project, called English My Way. This project has been funded by the Department for local government and communities. English My Way provides a 24 week teacher-led course for the same target group.

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