Tim discovers Khalid hiding in the bathroom – but why?

Tim:Hurry up in there.
Khalid:I’ll be out in a minute.
Tim:Oh, it stinks in here. Khalid, have you been smoking?
Khalid:Yeah but just a quick puff.
Tim:It doesn’t matter how tiny it is, you can’t smoke here.
Khalid:Why not? It’s not as if I’m smoking in the kitchen or the sitting room where is everyone.
Tim:Rules is rules mate. Cigarettes aren’t allowed and that’s that.
Khalid:It’s just cos you haven’t got a job, you’re hanging around the house spying on me.
Tim:I’m not. I’m just trying to save you the grief of the health lecture from Nurse Alice!
Khalid:Thanks Tim. I’ll put the kettle on for us both, OK?

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