Alice has a surprising invitation for Helen

Alice:Helen! I’ve got great news for us!
Helen:What is it? Is there another letter from Michal? Let me see!
Alice:No, forget Michal! It’s something much better! And anyway, I said ‘great news for us’. So, do you remember my friend Gabrielle?
Helen:The one who lives in Paris?
Alice:Right! Well, she’s invited us over there for a visit. So, what do you say?
Helen:Oh, I don’t know. I’m not sure Alice.
Alice:Come on Helen! It’ll be good for you, and it’ll stop you moping over Michal and his silly letter! It’s Paris, the Champs Élysées, the Eiffel Tower!
Helen:Well, I do need to unwind a little bit and a mini-break would be fun but I don’t know.
* This episode was written by Ana Paula from Brazil, winner of our Flatmates writing competition

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