Alice and Helen are in Paris – but why is Alice so interested in the architecture?

Helen:The guidebook says ‘The Eiffel Tower weighs 7,300 tons and is 324 metres tall’.
Helen:Yes, but who cares about the facts and figures, let’s go up!
Alice:Up there? Oh it’s so much nicer seeing it from the ground. Tell me more about this fascinating piece of architecture.
Helen:Mmh, let’s see, ‘The tower can sway up to 7 centimetres in the wind.’
Alice:Oh no! I’m definitely not going up now.
Helen:You can’t come to Paris and not go up the Eiffel Tower.
Alice:Just watch me!
Helen:You’re not scared, are you Alice?
Alice:The technical term is acrophobia, if you must know.
Helen:Oh come on, take my hand. We’ll go up slowly, I promise.

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