Khalid takes Kitty to see the vet – is there something seriously wrong with her?

Vet:And is Kitty an indoor or an outdoor cat?
Khalid:Both really. She stays in at night but she’s out most off the day, playing with other cats.
Vet:Right, walk along here Kitty. Now, mm, you see? She’s limping. Let’s have another look at that front paw. Ah yes, see here – there’s some swelling.
Khalid:What happen?
Vet:I’m not sure exactly but it’s likely she was in a fight, probably with another cat, or maybe she just stood on something sharp, like a piece of glass.
Khalid:Will she be alright?
Vet:Oh yes. You just need to give her these antibiotics – twice a day for the next five days.
Khalid:Thanks very much.
Vet:Ah, it’s a pleasure. Bye Kitty!

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