Khalid is having a go at some DIY, but things go wrong when Tim offers to help.

Tim:What’s all that banging about?
Khalid:Oh I didn’t realise you were in. I thought I had the flat to myself. Do you like the new shelves?
Tim:You can’t just decide to start hammering things into walls. You need to get permission first. Have you checked with the landlord?
Khalid:Of course I have. Calm down Tim. I got his number from Helen, gave him a call and he gave me the thumb up.
Tim:Oh OK. Well in that case. Can I give you a hand?
Khalid:Sure, I need to checking if this one is straight.
Tim:Well, let me just put these books on it here and see if…
Khalid:No, wait, wait!
Tim:Sorry, was I a bit too quick?

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