Alice and Paul are making plans for the holidays, but Paul is worried. Will Alice be able to help out?

Paul:So here’s your gin and tonic. Cheers!
Alice:Cheers! Here’s to holidays. I’ve got a few days off next week. I can’t wait for a break from work.
Paul:That’ll be nice. I wish I was as enthusiastic about half-term!
Alice:Have you got any plans?
Paul:Well, I’ve got a few activities planned for both Jake and Ellie but I have to work on Tuesday and Wednesday and I do want to spend some quality time with Jake. I think we need some father-son time alone.
Alice:Well, I could help out there, if you like.
Paul:How so?
Alice:Well, maybe I could mend a few bridges with Ellie and we could have some girly fun at the same time.

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