Alice takes Ellie horse riding. Will Ellie enjoy herself?

Ellie:Watch me Alice! Look how fast I’m going!
Alice:Wow! You’re doing really well Ellie.
Instructor:OK and walk! Good Dusty, good Ellie. And halt. Now, dismount Ellie.
Ellie:Oh that was fantastic! I love Dusty. She’s the best horse in the world. Isn’t she beautiful?
Alice:She certainly is. So have you enjoyed yourself?
Ellie:Oh Alice it was brilliant. Thank you so much.
Alice:Oh it’s my pleasure. I’m glad you had fun. I did too.
Instructor:OK, enough of the love-fest you two. There’s a horse that needs to be untacked and a stable that needs mucking out. Are you ready to get to work young lady?

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