Helen’s Dad is visting the flat and is impressed with Khalid’s DIY.

Helen’s Dad:The shelves look great Khalid.
Khalid:Thank you. I enjoy working with my hands. I miss doing practical things like this when I’m studying all the time.
Dad:Well I have an idea which might suit us both.
Khalid:Really, what’s that?
Dad:I hear you’re not going back home over the holidays.
khalid:Er, yes. It’s too expensive and my family doesn’t celebrate Chrismas in Bahrain anyway.
Dad:Well, I was planning on doing some redecorating on one of my other flats while my tenants were away for Christmas.
KhalidOh yes?
Dad:I could really use another pair of hands. Of course, I wouldn’t expect you to work for free. What do you think?

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