Khalid and Helen’s father are decorating the flat: how will they get on together?

Helen’s Dad:Right, that undercoat seems pretty dry now. Let’s get the paint ready. How many coats do you think we’ll need?
Khalid:Well the walls seem quite – what’s the word? – porous. We might need two.
Dad:So have you done much of this before?
Khalid:My uncle’s a painter and a decorator back home and I used to help him out during the holidays.
Dad:Well, it’s certainly nice to have some professional help for a change.
Khalid:You know, I need to start thinking about a business project to do for my college work. Do you think I could write mine on this redecorating?
Dad:I don’t see why not. But who is the project manager, eh? Is it you or me?
Khalid:Oh I think it’s a joint effort, don’t you?

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