It’s Tim’s first day in his new job and he’s nervous.

Khalid:So it’s your first day at the cafe today. What are you feeling?
Tim:Excited and terrified!
Khalid:You’ll be fine. Don’t worry.
Tim:That’s easy for you to say. You’re not taking over from Mr Nice Guy.
Khalid:Tim you’re a great guy! Those people in the cafe are lucky to have someone likes you coming in to work with them.
Tim:Oh that’s nice of you to say. But what if they don’t like me?
Khalid:You’re the manager. They don’t have to like you.
Tim:But I want them to.
Khalid:Look, just relax, be yourself. It’ll be OK. Now have you got everything? Are you ready to go?
Tim:I suppose so.
Khalid:Chin up! Good luck, bye then!
Tim:Bye Thanks.

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