Alice says thank you to Khalid with a box of chocolates…and disastrous results!

Alice:Morning! Oh at last, I’m back home after a killer night shift.
Khalid:Want me to put the kettle on?
Alice:Oh thanks. You’re a star! And here’s a reward for making the tea!
Khalid:What’s that?
Alice:A box of yummy chocs.
Khalid:That’s not like you, healthy nurse Alice, bringing something so naughty into the flat!
Alice:I’m not that much of a health nut.
Khalid:That’s not what Tim told me!
Alice:Oh don’t believe everything he tells you! Anyway, dig in.
Khalid:No, you first. What do you fancy?
Alice:Oh I’ll have an orange cream. Which one do you want?
Khalid:Toffee’s my favourite. I love the way it’s so mmh chewy … oh no … my filling’s come out!
Alice:Oh I’ll call the dentist and get you an appointment right away.
Khalid:No I hate dentists!

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