Khalid goes to the dentist to get a new filling…and he’s terrified!

Dentist:Now the receptionist told me you’re a bit frightened of dentists. Is that right?
Khalid:Yes I’m terrified actually.
Dentist:Well I hope I can change your mind about me! So first of all, let me ask you a few questions about your dental history.
Khalid:OK, if you think it will help.
Dentist:I’m sure it will. Now can you remember your first visit to the dentist?
Khalid:Yes, I was only young but I had to have a … a filling.
Dentist:And why was that?
Khalid:I ate lots of sweets when I was a boy. You see, I’ve always loved sugary things.
Dentist:Go on.
Khalid:But the dentist didn’t explain anything. He switched on the drill and when that horrible noise started, I just started screaming!

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