The dentist gets ready to fill Khalid’s tooth. Will she be able to calm his fears?

Dentist:No wonder you were frightened!
Khalid:Exactly! It was terrible.
Dentist:And every visit to the dentist has been awful since then, right?
Dentist:Well, I don’t know how long it’s been since you visited a dentist but, you know, technology has moved on a lot in the last few years and us dentists have learned lots of ways to help nervous patients too.
Khalid:But can you stop me shake just thinking about the drill?
Dentist:I can try. Now I’m going to replace your filling and I’ll be using this drill. While I’m doing that, I want you to concentrate really hard on wiggling each of your toes in turn. Will you do that?
Khalid:Er… I’ll try.
Dentist:Oh come on. A bit more enthusiasm … ready?

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