Alice and Paul are out for the evening…but why doesn’t Paul want to talk about Alice’s strange phone call?

Paul:But then he said he was suddenly better and he didn’t need to see me!
Alice:Incredible! Now we can go on making small talk like this all evening if you like, but I’d rather we tackled that big old elephant in the corner.
Paul:What elephant is that then?
Alice:Lucy. And before you say it, I’m not implying that your ex-wife is a big fat animal.
Paul:Alice, I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.
Alice:You mean she didn’t tell you?
Paul:Didn’t tell me what?
Alice:That she used your mobile to call me and harass me.
Paul:I know she’s having a tough time just now. She’s really missing us all being together as a family. But she wouldn’t do something like that. She’d tell me if she did.
Alice:Paul, …

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