Tim wonders if Jack, the chef, has undercooked the eggs. How will Jack react?

Chef:And here’s one egg and chips.
Tim:Thanks. And can I have a double cheeseburger when you’re ready. Em Jack, are you sure this egg is cooked enough? It looks a little bit runny to me.
Jack:What’s that on your head?
Jack:Yeah I thought so. There’s no chef’s hat there, is there?
Tim:No, of course not. I just thought the egg looked a little bit …
Jack:Look! Do I think about managing the staff? Do I think about timesheets and stock-taking?
Jack:Well then, why don’t you think about them, and just leave me to think about my eggs? That’s my job!
Tim:OK. Calm down Jack.
Jack:You know, Henry never interfered like that.
Tim:No I’m sure he didn’t.

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