Helen is thinking of taking up a new sport to help her get fit. But which sport?

Khalid:What are you up to?
Helen:Oh, just looking at what’s on offer at the sports centre.
Khalid:How come?
Helen:Well I promised myself that I was going to get fit. I want to do a sport. I just don’t know which one.
Khalid:Well, have you thought about if you like team sports or individual ones?
Helen:I don’t mind really.
Khalid:Do you like swimming or diving?
Helen:Neither, I can’t swim!
Khalid:What about martial arts, boxing or weightlifting?
Helen:Can you see me doing any of them?
Khalid:No, not really. Well what sports do you like watching then?
Helen:I really enjoyed the tennis when I went to Wimbledon last summer.
Khalid:So maybe a racquet sport then?
Helen:Perfect! But which one?

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