Jack is late for work again and Tim has had enough. But what will he do about it?

Jack:Hiya Sally. Hello Tim.
Sally:Right, I’m off. I have to run or I’ll be late for college. Bye!
Tim:Bye Sally! So Jack, what time do you call this? This is your third late appearance this week.
Jack:I’m only 10 minutes late.
Tim:10 minutes makes a lot of difference to Sally.
Jack:Oh Sally, Sally, Sally. That’s all I ever hear around here.
Tim:Well, maybe if you worked as hard as she did, you’d hear your name a bit more.
Jack:And maybe if you stopped getting on my wick, I’d want to come in a bit more. I might even turn up on time.
Tim:Punctuality isn’t an optional extra, you know. If you’re late one more time, I’ll …
Jack:You’ll what?
Tim:I’ll …

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