Tim needs some help dealing with Jack the chef. Can Khalid help?

Khalid:How was your day Tim?
Tim:Awful! I can see I’ve got a right handful with Jack, the chef.
Khalid:What’s the problem?
Tim:Well, he turned up late again and he really seemed annoyed when I took him to task about it.
Khalid:So you’re having a trouble asserting your authority as a manager, are you?
Khalid:Well, we’ve been study employee relations at college this week. Maybe some of my notes could help you.
Tim:Fantastic Khalid. That’s just what I need. How can I thank you?
Khalid:Well, I’m just finishing my project report about working with Helen’s dad. Would you check it to see if I’ve made any mistakes?
Tim:No problems mate. And who knows? I might even learn a thing or two in the process!

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