A teary Alice tells Helen that she and Paul have split up. What will Helen suggest to cheer Alice up?

Alice:We’ve split up and … I hate working with him.
Helen:I’m not surprised. When did you break up?
Alice:A few days ago.
Helen:Why didn’t you tell me?
Alice:I kept hoping he’d call to say he’d made a mistake.
Helen:But he didn’t.
Alice:He’s gone back to Lucy.
Helen:His wife who walked out on him? Alice, he’s got no backbone. You’re better off without him.
Alice:Do you really think so?
Helen:Yes and I think it’s time for some drastic action. Some fresh air, a few friends and an hour or two of not thinking about him. I’ve been in your shoes and I know what I’m talking about. I insist you come out with us now.
Alice:Oh don’t make me!

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