Alice has submitted her request for a transfer away from the neo-natal ward and Dr Laver. However, the ward is very short staffed – will Matron consent to the transfer?

Matron:So what’s brought on this request for a transfer Alice?
Alice:Oh nothing in particular, Matron.
Matron:You’ve been doing so well with the new borns. You really seem to have the knack with them. And we get great feedback about you from the parents too.
Alice:I do enjoy that part of my job – you know, helping the mums and dads.
Matron:So if you’re not unhappy, why do you want to get away from us all of a sudden?
Alice:I just think I’d like to get more experience of different types of nursing.
Matron:Aren’t you forgetting how varied the work is here on the children’s ward? I’m sorry but we’re incredibly short-staffed at the moment as you know. So I think I’ll have to turn down your request for now.

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