The Professor is about to put the exam results on the noticeboard but Helen is terribly nervous and can’t bear too look. Will she get the 90% she needs to go to Beijing?

John:Oh the prof’s putting the exam results up on the noticeboard.
Helen:I don’t know if I can bear to look.
John:What are you worried about? You did plenty of revision.
Helen:I know. It’s just that the things I studied didn’t come up on the test.
John:Well you won’t find out your mark dawdling about here.
Helen:Why don’t you go and find out how we did?
John:I’m not the one with a summer holiday on the line.
Prof L:It looks like your new studying scheme is working out for you both.
John:You mean we passed?
Prof L:Congratulations!
Helen:That’s great but actually I’m looking for a much higher score than just a pass.
Prof L:Would being top of the class with 96% make you happy?
Helen:Ecstatic! Beijing, here I come!

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