Helen is on a plane to visit her Grandma in Beijing and meets a newly-wed couple on their honeymoon.

Crew 1:Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, this is your First Officer again. We will shortly be starting our descent into Beijing. The weather is reported to be cloudy, with a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. We expect to land at 3.20pm, local time.
Passenger 1:It’s so exciting.
Helen:Is this your first time to China?
Passenger 1:Yes, we’re on our honeymoon.
Helen:Oh, congratulations!
Passenger 2:Thanks. Do you live in Beijing?
Helen:No but my grandma does. I’m visiting her. Are you over for the Olympics?
Passenger 1:We’ve got tickets for some of the track events but we do want to do plenty of sightseeing too. What would you recommend?
Helen:Well it depends what you’re after. Look, why don’t I give you my number and if you’d like some local colour, maybe I could help you out?

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