Helen is at the night food market with Frank and Rose. They both love Chinese food but what will they think of some of the more unusual delicacies on offer?

Frank:It’s really lovely to meet your grandma finally.
Grandma:Nimen hao.
Rose:Ni hao laolao.
Helen:Your Chinese is improving all the time Rose.
Rose:We’d never have come this far from our hotel without you Helen. Thanks for bringing us to the night market.
Frank:Everything looks delicious. I don’t know where to start. What’s this?
Helen:You might want to give that one a miss.
Rose:Come on! We’re game for anything!
Helen:Even testicles?
Frank:Mmm, maybe another time.
Grandma:Chuan zai Faguo, zhu zai Meiguo, chi zai Zhongguo.
Rose:My Chinese isn’t that good yet. What did your grandma say?
Helen:It’s an old Chinese saying – ‘Fashion is in France, living is in America, but eating is in China!’
Frank:Isn’t that the truth!

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