Tim arrives at the cafe to find the door locked and no sign of Jack. What possible excuse can he have for being late? Again!

Tim:That’s strange. The door’s locked. Jack’s supposed to be here early.
Jack:Hi Tim. Good to see you.
Tim:What are you doing? You were meant to come early to prepare that big lunch order for the bank.
Jack:But I…
Tim:No buts. And no third chances.
Jack:You’re jumping to the wrong conclusion.
Tim:The wrong conclusion?! You’re late. When I took you on again you promised to work harder. Henry or no Henry, you are…
Jack:Don’t say it, Tim. Listen, I was at the bank.
Tim:The bank? Why?
Jack:To deliver the lunch order.
Tim:The lunch order? What do you mean?
Jack:I came early, made the lunch order, then delivered it. I thought it would be good customer service.
Tim:Oh, I see. Right, well, there’s only one thing I can say…

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