The Flatmates are talking about where they will stay whilst the redecorating is carried out in the flat. Alice is staying at the nurses’ home and Tim with his parents on the farm. But what about Khalid?

Alice:Great. Thanks, see you soon. Bye.
Tim:Good news?
Alice:I’ve got somewhere to stay while the flat’s getting redecorated – a place in the nurses’ home. I’m sharing with six others though.
Tim:Maybe all this breakfast making won’t be good for you. You won’t know how to fend for yourself with all those other nurses around.
Alice:Thank you for that interesting observation. Now, keep frying those eggs!
Tim:Yes, ma’am!
Khalid:You’re lucky you’ve got somewhere to go.
Alice:Aren’t you staying with a college friend?
Khalid:Dan was fine about it but his flatmates didn’t want me sleeping on the couch for two whole weeks.
Tim:Fancy a fortnight with my folks on the farm, Khalid?
Khalid:I’ve never actually seen a cow or a hen or a horse. Maybe a hotel would suit me better.

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