Khalid has decided to book a hotel room whilst the flat is being redecorated, but encounters a problem at check-in. What has gone wrong and what will he do about it?

Receptionist:How can I help you sir?
Khalid:I have a reservation. Khalid Al Ahmadi.
Receptionist:Let’s see. Yes, we have a twin-bed with a bath ready for you.
Khalid:But I asked for a single with a shower.
Receptionist:I’m sorry but I didn’t get that message. Are you sure that’s what you booked?
Khalid:Yes I’m sure.
Receptionist:Well I’m afraid we don’t have any singles available just now.
Khalid:Is the double more expensive?
Receptionist:Yes, £15 more, per night. But we should have a single for you tomorrow.
Khalid:Well… this mistake isn’t my fault. I did book a single. I hope you won’t be charging me extra.
Receptionist:I’m afraid it’s out of my hands sir.
Khalid:Well in that case…

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