Whilst staying with his parents, Tim calls Helen for a chat but a slip of the tongue causes him a little embarrassment. What does he say?

Tim:Hi Helen.
Helen:How are you Tim?
Tim:Fantastic. Enjoying being spoiled rotten by my folks.
Helen:Yeah, I know what you mean.
Tim:There’s nothing like a bit of home cooking, is there?
Helen:I just can’t resist the dumplings my mum makes.
Tim:It’s the treacle sponge here that’s my undoing.
Helen:Tell me about it! I’m scared to step on the scales.
Tim:Hey, I’ve got someone here who wants a word with you.
Helen:Who is it?
Tim:A friend from the flat who’s missing you madly.
Helen:Oh Bronka! How are you? Is Tim feeding you properly?
Tim:Of course I am Helen! You don’t think I could ever neglect…
Helen:What did you say?
Tim:Forget… I said I could never forget Kitty!
Tim:What do you think?

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