Khalid is meeting the manager at the hotel to discuss the mix-up over his booking. Will the manager be able to help?

Manager:You wanted a word with me?
Khalid:Yes, I want to cancel my booking.
Manager:Oh I hope I can change your mind. What seems to be the trouble?
Khalid:Well first, you mixed up my booking.
Manager:We’ve just got a new booking system in place. It’s giving us a few teething problems.
Khalid:But that’s not my fault, is it?
Manager:Of course not sir. I just wanted to point out that Christine isn’t entirely to blame.
Khalid:But it’s not right that I should have to pay more because of this mix up.
Manager:I hear what you’re saying sir.
Khalid:Good. I’m glad you’re seeing sense. Because there are plenty of other hotels that want my business.
Manager:Couldn’t we come to some sort of compromise here?
Khalid:What did you have in mind?

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