There’s a crisis at the cafe when the fridge breaks down and there is a flood in the kitchen. Who will prove to be the best person to take care of things – Sally or Jack?

Tim:Is everything alright Jack?
Jack:No Tim everything is not alright. I’ve just opened up the cafe and the place is completely flooded! There’s water everywhere, and, and, and other stuff too. Yuk! It’s going all over my shoes!
Tim:Ok, don’t panic.
Jack:I’m not panicking.
Tim:Look, where’s Sally?
Jack:We don’t need Sally. I’m in charge today.
Tim:It doesn’t sound as if you are.
Sally:Hello Jack! Oh-oh!
Tim:Is that Sally? Let me have a word with her?
Sally:Tim hi. It looks like the fridge has packed in. There’s milk, water, orange juice all over the floor. We’ll get it cleaned up, I’ll phone the electrician and we’ll just need to order a new bunch of supplies. Ok?
Tim:Perfect Sally. What would I do without you, eh?

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