After his problems at the hotel, Khalid is staying with Tim at his parents’ farm. But how will he react when Tim suggests he help with the farmyard chores?

Tim’s mum:Good morning Khalid!
Khalid:Morning Mrs Hunter. Thanks for inviting me to stay here.
Tim:We couldn’t have you staying another day in that dreadful hotel. Sleep well Khalid?
Khalid:I don’t know who said the countryside is quiet.
Tim:The birds can make quite a racket in the morning.
Mum:How do you like your eggs, Khalid?
Khalid:Scrambled please.
Tim:Oh, me too mum.
Mum:Coming right up. So what are you boys up to today?
Tim:I thought you’d like to give me a hand with the chores Khalid.
Tim:Well, where do you think these lovely eggs come from and the milk in your coffee?
Khalid:The supermarket?
Tim:Khalid! I think it’s time for you to…

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